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Like most churches, the church I grew up in focused mostly on the popular Bible passages and ignored huge sections of the Old Testament. When I was about 12 years old, I picked up a Bible and put the Old Testament in my left hand and the New Testament in my right hand. I saw that the Old Testament is several times larger than the New Testament and I concluded my church was ignoring about two thirds of the Bible. It was self-evident to me there was something wrong with that, so I began a lifelong quest to learn the meaning and value of the entire Bible as well as how to communicate that knowledge to others.

My Background

I grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania and come from a family of farmers and builders. This family background is a great foundation for learning and teaching the Bible because most people in Bible times were farmers and builders. Many Biblical illustrations and teachings are based on agriculture and construction. Anyone who wants to understand the Bible needs to understand farming and construction.

After high school I began my formal Bible training at Lancaster Bible College. As part of my training, I lived in Jerusalem, Israel for a year and studied at the Institute of Holy Land Studies. This is an ideal environment to learn the Bible because the Bible was produced in a unique land by a unique culture. Living in the land of the Bible is the best way to truly understand the land of the Bible, the people of the Bible, and the message of the Bible. When I lived in Israel, I did not merely study the geographical, historical, and cultural settings of the Bible, I lived in them, experienced them, and felt them.

I have invested a significant portion of my life studying, learning, and teaching the Bible. I have read every book of the Bible at least 40 times. I have been teaching the Bible for over 30 years. I have successfully developed Biblically Literate Christians. Bible Mountain is my online platform for reaching a wider audience and developing even more Biblically Literate Christians who will live righteous lives, anchor healthy churches, successfully share the gospel, maintain composure in an uncertain world, and offer answers to a world that desperately needs God.

Biblical Literacy

I am passionate about Biblical literacy because …

  • Many Christians have doubts about God and the Bible, but Biblically Literate Christians know who God is and what the Bible is, and they know that they know God and the Bible.
  • Many Christians are confused about what is right and wrong because they rely solely on Pastors and Bible teachers to tell them what to think and believe, but Biblically Literate Christians know how to go to the Bible for answers. They know what they believe and why they believe it; and they know that they know the truth.
  • Many Christians are unable to articulate and defend their beliefs, but Biblically Literate Christians know they are able to communicate their beliefs to others and they are unshaken by those who disagree with them.
  • Many Christians are afraid to share the gospel with non-Christians because they know they can’t defend what they believe, but Biblically Literate Christians know they can share the gospel with confidence and conviction.
  • Many Christians are afraid of the future because the world is increasingly dangerous and sinful, but Biblically Literate Christians remain strong and stable no matter what happens in the world around them because they know what the Bible says about the world and the future.

Bible Mountain is not for those who are looking for easy answers or a quick fix. The development of Biblical literacy is a long process and each Bible Mountain video is one piece of the puzzle, one step of the journey toward becoming a Biblically Literate Christian.

About Me

I am a graduate of Lancaster Bible College. I studied at the Institute of Holy Land Studies. I am married to Diane. We have one son, one daughter-in-law, and three daughters.

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