Some Commands of Christ Are Unfair. So Was His Crucifixion!

Many Christians ignore Biblical commands that are not reasonable. Wives don’t submit to their husbands because they want equality. Divorcees re-marry because they don’t want to be alone. Women are offended by the suggestion they should go to church and be silent while men do all the speaking. And numerous Christians condone the LGBTQ lifestyle because it is wrong to deny pleasure to those who have same-sex attraction. However, fairness is irrelevant. Jesus Christ did not deserve to be crucified for our sins, but He went to the cross anyway. Jesus suffered and died for us because He loves us. Likewise, our love for Christ should compel us to obey Him, even when His commands are difficult, painful, and unreasonable. As we celebrate Good Friday and Easter, let’s remember there is no command in the Bible that is more unfair than what Jesus endured for us.

“Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.”

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