Are evolutionists hypocritical?

The Parable of the Explosion:

Once upon a time a science professor was teaching evolution to a group of college freshman. He had just finished explaining how a big bang had started a process that led to the formation of the universe and everything in it, when an administrator came in and said that an explosion had just occurred at the professor’s house. The professor knew that his wife and children were at home when the explosion would’ve taken place, so he quickly gathered up his things and left.

What was the professor thinking on his way home? Was he optimistic that the explosion had started a process that would improve his house and make his family healthier? Or was he fearful that the explosion had killed his family and destroyed his house?

The point is that evolutionists don’t practice what they teach. They teach that an explosion started a constructive process that led to the creation of life, but when they are faced with a big bang in their own lives, they assume that the big bang was destructive.


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“Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.”